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It has been a heck of a year, not only with all the events of the world but for us here at Health and Fitness Show. Over the last year we have sought to add scores of new improvements to the platform and want to go over some of those today. It should be a refreshing way to start the new year and give you a glimpse at what we have tried to focus on behind the scenes

Enanced the GymFactor Score

The GymFactor score is the heart of our platform. Without it, we would not have an official or reliable way to track which gyms genuinely shine. This means that we have had to make it as brilliant a system that we can.

Look away if you fear the Terminator, but if you welcome our new robot overlords, read on. We have used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze various gyms’ images and further enhance the GymFactor scores and the images’ description. This makes it less time-consuming for us, and we can therefore get more gyms analyzed and on the site for your own analysis. 

The hotel details page has been tweaked to get some more information on there. The elevation is displayed for our athletes, a feature which was requested to prepare for marathons such as Ironman. We have also put in more integration with premium fitness app vendors. Nothing too major, but you don’t need a revolution for everything. We are also very excited about the additional fitness equipment details we can now show on every detail page.

We have also simplified the GymFactor visualization and filters in order to make it as easy as possible to understand what you get at a glance. In fact, this is a step that we have tried to take all across the site. Almost all designs have been slightly refreshed to give the website a new look and cleaner feel. As they say, “new decade, new me”. 

Integration with wider Programs

Perhaps some of the most exciting developments that we have made for the site are less about what we have done, but more about what we have connected with. Our new connection with Google Places means that we will be able to use their information and analyze even more gyms worldwide. But not only that. The combination of Google Places and Compute Vision means that users will be able to plan various new scenarios for whatever location they decide to visit. These could include gym workouts based on what equipment is available, running routes around local landmarks and monuments, or others unique to the area they are in.


Perhaps you need an external gym to get some other fitness equipment that is not at the hotel? We have got you covered at Health and Fitness Show. 

plan. travel. workout.

These are the main developments that we have made over the last 9 months, but it certainly is not the end of the development cycle. Health and Fitness Show is always looking to improve and reach out to more fitness enthusiasts who also enjoy a good trip. 

That is why we are always looking for people to get in touch with us and work with us to find areas we can enhance. Whether it is leaving a review after a trip, contacting us with new information on hotels, or even just dropping in to say hello, we are always glad to check-in. 

👉Here is to a new year and a (much, much) better one! 🌍🥇

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