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Are you listening to music during your workout? Okay, most of use are not going to the gym right now. But that (hopefully) does not mean workouts have been suspended, huh? How do you find new refreshing tunes? If you are using Spotify, they have a solution for you — Soundtrack your Workout. Apparently, users have created over a million workout-focused playlists in the last few months, and now those are made available to always have a new mix on hand.

How to create your Spotify Workout Playlist

With this newly launched interactive website, you can create the playlist according to your needs by simply answering a few questions. When you start the wizard on their website, you first select the duration of your playlist, which can be as long as two hours. Next, you can choose if you want to listen to music, podcasts, or a mix of both.

As the next step, you have to select from eight different workouts, including Yoga, cardio, weightlifting, or running/biking. For each playlist, you can select one workout type and you can also specify who you are working out with.

Before the final step, you have to tell Spotify what workout vibe you want or need, if you are “totally Zen”, or want “get movin’” or even if you “need motivation”. And now finally, for real, you select the genre you want to listen to. It takes less than 1 minute to create your workout playlist.

How good are they?

Personalization is the key! While Spotify had already pre-designed workout playlists, they were not always a fit. Fun fact, back in 2015 Spotify already tried to build playlists for runner, which was even taking BPM into account. However, this was shut down a few years later.


Still not convinced that music can make a difference?

Still wondering how listening to your favorite music when you hit the gym can improve your workout? The Huffington Post published 7 Reasons why you should listen to music during your workout. Also, the National Center for Health Research out of Washington published with “Can listening to Music improve your Workout?” and interesting article which goes deeper to understand how your favorite tunes can enhance your exercise.

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