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Who does not know, together with Expedia Group they are the two largest online travel agencies in the world. They are not identical, as both have different business models, but both websites do provide the option to book hotel rooms. At Health and Fitness Show we decided back in 2017 to work with They provide all we need, a rich API for a smooth integration in our platform, a huge portfolio with more than 1 million hotels, attractive pricing for our customers, and much more.

However, there is one big thing which is always a concern for some: The price! No one wants to overpay a hotel room. But how can you save some money when booking your next hotel room with Health and Fitness Show and with this, through Have you heard of the Genius Level Reward Program?

This is a great and easy way to secure additional discounts on To reach the first level it only takes two (2) stays within two (2) years to unlock Genius Level 1. This doesn’t sound like much, huh?

Genius Levels

But let us dive deeper into the program and the different levels. As other hotel chains programs, the Genius rewards program is also based on a “the more stays you book, the more you are rewarded” mechanism. According to, there are various benefits, such as:

  • Discounted rates
  • Free rom upgrades
  • Free breakfast

What is different to many other hotel reward programs, the Genius membership lasts for life. This means you will always be able to get additional benefits when you book a Genius rate. For now, has two levels: Genius Level 1 and Level 2, with the following benefits:

Genius Level 1
  • Lifetime membership
  • 10% Discounts
Genius Level 2
  • Lifetime membership
  • 10–15% Discounts
  • Free breakfast
  • Free room upgrade

To get there is quite decent. As mentioned above, to unlock Genius Level 1 you must complete two stays within two years. By completing five stays within two years you already made it to Genius Level 2. Compared to the requirements in many other super chain hotels, this sounds very reasonable, doesn’t it?

What about Genius Level 3 you might ask? Well, there is no Level 3 on Rumors are spreading, but nothing has been confirmed. Who knows how they will expand in the future though.

Genius Hotels

The order to receive the 10–15% discounts and other benefits from the Genius Rewards Program, the hotel must be qualified as well. The hotel must have a minimum of three guest reviews and have a review score of at least 7.5. You can find more details at the Partner Center.

The question which often pops-up, can you still get qualifying nights and/or points for another rewards program? Most likely not… If you add your loyalty number to the booking, you may still get perks such as free internet or room/suite upgrades on top of the Genius benefits. But you will not collect points or qualified nights on the stay. But each hotel chain/brand has different rules.

plan. travel. workout.

For sure, my Genius Level 2 has saved me some money already and I suggest everyone have a closer look at the special Genius prices on Unfortunately, we can not show those special prices Health and Fitness Show (only can show this after login). But as soon as you get transferred, it will show the reduced prices and all the additional benefits you would get. 


However, we are already working on this topic as we want to bring the best experience for people who want to stay fit while traveling.

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